How do you choose a ceiling contractor?

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How do you choose a ceiling contractor?

Well, my first thought is how do you choose a ceiling contractor you can trust? That in its self can be tricky. Ceiling Pro has been in business for over 20 years, we are a small company with the belief of “Do unto others as we want others to do to us” in other words; Ceiling Pro will go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. Without you, we have no purpose. Below, I hope these guidelines will be helpful to all our customers looking for a ceiling contractor.

1) Response time – If your business is truly appreciated, any contractor should get back with you and find out what your needs are within 24 hours. No one is ever too busy to respond quickly to a client looking for help. 

2) Estimates – Ceiling Pro will come to your project, evaluate each client’s needs and provide an estimate free of charge. Every client knows exactly what materials, labor etc. that will go into their job. There are no hidden charges. 

3) Explain the process –Ceiling Pro will explain how you will be personally impacted. No one wants a surprise the next morning. If there is going to be dust in the air, vacuuming required, equipment to be moved, or any number of minor details, those Details need to be communicated in real life terms. We feel this is forming a partnership for accomplishing a common goal that everyone is satisfied with. 

4) Communication – Communication is the key. All projects need to be strategized, call a play for the first day. Review the progress and always communicate with the client. Better to over communicate than have surprises arise. Surprises can be costly and time consuming. 

5) Financial terms – At Ceiling Pro we believe you can have your cake and eat it too. To obtain a beautiful ceiling, you don’t have to give your first born away! CPI will work within your budget; we will work out payment terms where and when needed. 

If we cannot put you on our reference list, we are not going to take your money. I am sure your thinking as you are reading this information, it’ all common information but the trick is finding the contract that WILL fulfill all aspects. 

There are a lot of promises out there but look for the one contractor that will deliver those promises. We are not a bible thumping business, but we do believe in the power of prayer as it has withstood all of time. 

Of course, Ceiling Pro would like you to choose us for your next project, but we sincerely wish you the best of luck with whoever you choose. Always, remember price is not the best indicator of the best contractor. You know the ole saying, “You get what you pay for” Don’t find that out the hard way. Call Ceiling Pro and let’s become partners! 

Our Missions Statement:
Our mission is to service your business with integrity and detail, so complete, that you would find it senseless to do business elsewhere. We will accomplish this by being pleasant, committed, honest and sincere in all our business efforts. 



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