Ceiling Cleaning

Ceiling Sanitation and Cleaning

We can handle all of your ceiling cleaning needs. Especially restaurant ceiling, kitchen ceilings, hospital ceilings, school and gym ceilings, and all kinds of drop ceilings.

Restaurant Ceiling Cleaning

We’ve cleaned 100’s of restaurant and restaurant kitchen ceilings.

We can improve both your back of house and front of house. Kitchen areas are especially important to keep clean. A clean ceiling is sanitary, adds light to the room, and make for a better environment for you and your customers. Have “egg crate” style vent tiles you have to keep replacing? We can replace them for good with vent tiles that can easily be cleaned.

Have open ceilings? We also do high dusting.

restaurant ceiling cleaning with Ceiling Pro Indy

Hospital Ceilings

Hospitals are of course areas where clean ceilings are important. We have experience working in hospitals ceilings and venting with a sanitizing solution that will not damage your ceiling tiles. We can also vacuum your fire sprinklers. We are equipped with backpack vacuums that use HEPA filters. If you need a new look, we also install new drop ceilings.

Ceiling Cleaning

Cleaning of drop ceilings and rusted track.

We can clean all of your ceiling spaces, especially drop ceilings in any environment. If you have rusted or pealing tracking, we also have a solution making it look brand new.

ceiling cleaning
I have rusted tracking or tracking that has chips and peeling paint. Is all new tracking my only option?

As long as the tracking is still structurally sound, you don’t need to replace the tracking to get it to look new again.
Our experts can evaluate exactly what you need to cover your exiting tracking that can’t be cleaned to look good again.
The Ceiling Pro Indy solution will make the tracking look new again at a fraction of the cost of whole new tracking system.Rust Control

Do I have to replace a dirty drop ceiling?

The life of your ceiling will be extend with timely and regular cleaning, saving you 1000’s of dollars over replacing the ceiling to renew the look.

“If caught in time, a thorough cleaning can help restore the tiles and considerably extend their useful life.
If not attended to, specific tiles may need to be replaced, which results in an unflattering “checkerboard” appearance, or all the tiles may need to be replaced so they “match” — an expensive remodeling project.” – Rise up to the task of cleaning ceiling tiles (cmmonline.com)Ceiling cleaning demo

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