Basement Ceiling Installation

We can make your basement ceiling look professional.

Here are CPi we don’t just do Commerical work. We can also help finish residential space with a new or remodeled drop ceiling.

With a focus on precision and customer satisfaction, we enhance spaces with expert installations, repairs, cleaning, and renovations.

Home Theater, rec room, office, or any other space

Make the ceiling disappear with a dark or neutral color or create a special art deco look of yesteryear. Let us help you imagine the possibilities.

We love to help customers find the perfect look. Contact us to have us help you get just the look you want.

home theater basement ceiling
Why should I install a drop ceiling for my basement?

With a drop ceiling you can create special looks, add sound dampening. A professional can install your drop ceiling quickly without any dust or mess. It also allows you to keep easy access to your ceiling, which is also your first story floor.
Basement laundry ceiling

Won’t my home look like an office with a drop acoustic ceiling?

When you think of a drop ceiling, you may think of an office looking white ceiling. But we have many other options to help create the just the look you want. Ceiling tiles come in many different colors, sizes, styles. From dark or neutral colors or colors that pop or match your decor. There are also specially tiles that can transform your basement to art deco, or a modern look.

Also, with a drop ceiling in your basement, you keep easy access to the floor above and all of the pipes, duct work and wiring. This can make work on your home and retrofits later much easier (such as adding extra wiring or network).basement theater ceiling

Ready to Transform?

Contact us today to discuss how we can enhance your space with our exceptional ceiling solutions.

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