High Dusting

We have years of experience in cleaning of all harder to reach areas

Areas you cannot easily get to still need cleaning. It may be for improving looks, health, or prevent debris falling and contaminating your space. We can help.

We have experience and expertise doing high dusting of rafters, beams, pipes, and all of your high areas in stores, warehouses, manufacturing sites, hospitals and more. Give CPi a call.

What is High Dusting

Dust and debris collects on the ground and all surfaces. Your ceiling needs regular cleaning to remove from dust from areas high above the ground and not easily reached. This can include stores and other commercial buildings, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.
 High Dust

Why do I need to do high dusting?

Removing the dust makes for a more attractive and brighter work environment. It can also make fans and other machinery more efficient. But one of the most important reasons is the health and safety of those in the environment.
Dealing with Dust in the Workplace | EHS Today
5 Best Practices for Dust Control in Manufacturing (safeopedia.com)

Is High dusting safe?

The job can require special attention to detail. Surfaces below must be covered well, and the covering removed correctly after to prevent just moving the dirt from the ceiling to floor level. It also may require working at very high levels off of the ground. Our crews are well trained for safe operation high above the ground and on keeping the rest of the environment clean.

Let us help take your workplace from dusty:

High dusting before

To Clean:

High dusting after

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