Drop Ceiling Services

We do it all for drop ceilings

You may also call it a grid ceiling, suspended ceiling, acoustic ceiling, false ceiling, or just ceiling tile but we call it our expertise.

Install drop ceilings

For new or existing or remodeling projects can install grid ceiling system and new ceiling tiles that match you need and desired look.

We can install in new spaces or remove existing ceiling system and refresh your look. While these ceilings are most often used in commercial ceilings, we do your residential basement ceiling also!

drop ceiling installation.

We repair and remodel drop ceilings

Just need to fix a problem? We’ve got you covered.

We replace broken stained or worn ceiling tiles
Replace ceiling vents and filter replacement
Fix grid issues
commercial vent filter replacement

Drop Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration

Maybe your drop ceiling just needs cleaned. We clean drop ceilings!

Clean ceiling tiles, vents, and grid.
Grid rusted? We can cover the grid and make it look new without replacing it.
Clean up your restaurant ceiling to improve looks and pass inspections.
Remove dust from your fire sprinklers.

Ceiling Painting

We do not paint tile, but we have a special product and process that can be used to coat the tile. We can use traditional white or change it up and make it any color you can think of.

You Have Questions, we have Answers

What is a drop ceiling?

A drop ceiling is made up of ceiling tiles in a grid system. The grid system is suspended below the actual ceiling with wires a few inches to several feet below actual ceiling. They can hide what is above it, create a nice flat look, or just change the look of your ceiling. Because of this they are used in a variety of locations such as restaurants, professional offices, schools, churches, and hospitals.

Can I clean a drop ceiling?

Ceiling tiles and grids can often be cleaned rather than replaced. Even rusted grid can be covered rather than replaced. Let our experts at CPi do a demo for you.

Can I paint ceiling title?

We do not recommend using any traditional paints for most ceiling tiles. Many ceiling tiles are not designed for the extra weight that the paint adds and will droop or break over time. The paint may also peel and make the tile look worse than before you painted.
Here at CPi we have the correct coatings and expertise to refresh or change the color of your ceiling tiles and grid.

Can I install a drop ceiling myself?

Installing drop ceilings yourself is a possibility for those that are very handy and have a high attention to details. Manufactures, such as Armstrong, even have videos to help you. The real question is should you. While the description of the process is fairly simple, there are many factors that can lead to problems with expertise and experience.
Some things to keep in mind when installing: Are the wall straight? Are you placing your grid so the tiles look symmetrical when done? Do you have the right tools to ensure the grid is level everywhere? Have you practiced at hand cutting tile to fill in partial titles, or around obstacles? Are grid wires place and spaced to ensure the tiles are supported well and the grid does not twist or deform?

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