Acoustical Ceiling Restoration

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If your current ceiling is structurally sound, ceiling restoration will save budget $$. You can experience up to 65% savings with ceiling restoration vs. replacing with new materials. Restore the bright white you want or we can tint to a designer color of your choice. Application is completed in one-third of the time required to remove and replace the ceiling, and solid waste disposal (discarding old materials) is avoided.

Ceiling Pro Indy is the only Certified Applicator of ProCoat (CAP) in the State of Indiana. ProCoat pioneered the concept of ceiling restoration in 1983, a system that includes the application of an acoustical Coating call Pro Coustic. Architects and commercial property managers recommended ceiling resotration in lieu of conventional painting, chemical cleaning, and tile replacement. Using the ceiling restoration process, Ceiling Pro Indy willl protect the Class-A fire retardant characteristic, improve light reflectance, and even provide an increased sound absorbing quality.

ProCoustic is a non-toxic, low VOC coating… not a chemical cleaner, paint or a dye. The product is typically applied to the grid system, speakers, vents, etc. to give your ceiling a uniform “new” look. After the product has dried, the tiles are not left stuck to the T-bars, so maintenance above the ceiling is not impaired. For more specific information regarding the ProCoat system click here.

If you find any of the above of interest, call a CPI technician to receive a free evaluation.


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